I hope somebody here can help me with a question that I have about my Citizen BM8475-26E. I'm very new the world of watches. I've never even bothered to change batteries for any of my watches before, but something that happened recently to my Citizen BM8475-26E got me into getting to know my watch a little better. The story begins with me one day noticing that my watch isn't working(It probably spent a lot of time in a dark place I'm guessing). I took it to a place to replace the battery and I remember her saying it's all done and she showed me it started working. But in an hour or two I noticed that it was running really slow. Googling taught me that it has a capacitor and not a "battery", so I opened it up myself and noticed that she just put a regular battery in it instead of the actual capacitor. I ordered the capacitor online and replaced the battery with it carefully, and as soon as it got a little bit of light it started running ok, but it would stop as soon It's not under direct light source. I looked online and It seems like that I would need to do the "all reset" at some point. I looked up the user manual on citizen website, but I can't find anything specifically on the "all reset" procedures. I would really appreciate your help! Also, I have put it under sunlight for 5 hours with the crown pulled out. And this is Arizona's sunlight we're talking about lol!