Crystal size and source for 700x?

Thread: Crystal size and source for 700x?

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    Crystal size and source for 700x?

    Hi, I have a handful of Seikos I purchased mostly on this forum or eBay probably mostly around 8-10 years ago. A couple of them are in rough shape and so I thought now is as good a time as any to start refurbing them. I was poking around on Dagaz site and quickly started to realize I need to do some planning before I end up with ALL kinds of extra parts I can't use. I'll list the watches and what's wrong with them below...

    I initially thought that the cases on the SKX007 and my 7002-xxxx cases were the same, but it would appear not. To compound matters further, the provenance of most of these watches is unknown, so I could be dealing with a situation where the casebacks don't actually belong to the watches they are on.

    So, first question... Is there a DEFINITIVE way for me to ID whether my cases are truly 7002-xxxx's and not 7s26/007 cases?

    Assuming not, do all 7002 cases use the same diameter crystal, and, if so, can you link me to a source for those crystals (and other parts like gaskets, etc?).

    The watches:
    1) 6309-7040 with a cushion case. I know this one uses all it's own unique parts, so I'm sorted on that. This is definitely a 1980's 6309 because I bought it before the Prospex Turtle reissues came out.

    2) SKX007 (labeled 7s26-0020 AO on caseback). This one I'm pretty sure is as marked because if I remember right it was a forum purchase. It has a couple scratches on the crystal, so I think I'll pop it out and replace it with one of Dagaz's double domed AR coated sapphire crystals and make it look higher end. Bezel ring is in decent shape, too, so hopefully I won't need to replace that to fit the new crystal.

    Here's where things get a little fuzzier...

    3) I have a Pepsi with a really faded bezel insert I'd like to change and a pretty banged up crystal, which I would like to change to sapphire, also, if I can. Ring is tight and turns nicely. I'm not the best at seeing colors, but it does seem to have an actual navy blue dial too. Caseback says 7s26-0029 mov't Singapore. One reference I looked at said "0029" has a yellow dial, but looking at more things this doesn't seem to be the case. Looks identical to my 007 case, so I'm going to ASSume that the caseback is accurate and that I can simply use 007 sapphire and bezel ring insert for this one, which is nice. I never wear this one because it is so beat looking, so making this look nice will be a win for me.

    4) This one is a total mystery. It was already modded when I got it. Has a basic bezel insert that the lume dot fell off of, so I'd like to replace that. Also has a sterile, unmarked dial, which is fine and I wouldn't mess with. Bezel ring insert fits poorly, too, so another reason to pop that out. Crystal is fine on this one, but I'd still like to swap it out if I can just because, why not. LOL Caseback says 7002-700J. Assuming this is really a 7002, what bezel inserts and crystal would I use (source?)? Bezel ring also doesn't move on this one at all.

    5) Last but not least, I have a watch with the caseback that says 7002-7000. Has a lot of patina/rust on the hands, the dial is aged a lot bezel ring insert is beat to the nth degree and the crystal has a big gouge. Date doesn't automatically change, etc. I LOVE wabi sabi, so this one I actually don't want to change anything EXCEPT for the crystal with the big gouge in it. So, again, I have to ASSume it's actually a 7002 and need a source for just a good sapphire crystal. I want to leave everything else as is.

    Sorry for the long post and any info is much appreciated!
    Watches: 6309-7040 on Orb strap; 007 on steel; 009 on leather NATO; Citizen Titanium Ecozilla; SOXA homage built on Seiko Rally Diver case with steel; sterile Marina Militare Destro Titanium with sapphire glass

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    Re: Crystal size and source for 700x?

    Hi, Do you have any pics of the cases / watches...

    I do have 2 7002 caliber one 7020 and the other 700A and bezels aren't compatible between them even if they have the caliber...

    I did some fitting trials and the SKX007 or 009 bezels doesn't seem to fit on both cases.

    Also ratchet between my two models aren't compatible as one is using the famous click ball system and the other one the normal ring one.

    The ring from SKX fits to the 7020 case but bezels between the 2 7002 cases aren't compatible due to the click system which is different.

    Hope that helps.

    Wish you a pleasant day & week.


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