Eco-Drive Capacitor question.

Thread: Eco-Drive Capacitor question.

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    Eco-Drive Capacitor question.

    Hello guys.
    I've been trying to find information to get the right capacitor for my friends Eco-Drive. A ladies XC worldtimer with a H240 movement.
    I tried using the movement reference to get infos on which capacitor to get but no luck.
    Then I open the watch to get the reference directly from the original..... However it is using an FDK UT261 capacitor that I cannot find.

    So I am looking for the replacement one. So far I haven't found any compatible from a chart. The 295-753 appears to be compatible for the H246 movement.... Which I do not know if it would fit the 240. Also that one is a Panasonic CTL621F also found the 295-5100 which is a Panasonic MT621. Would any of those work?

    Any help would be extremely appreciated

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    Re: Eco-Drive Capacitor question.

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