I am new to watch addiction. 4 months ago I didn’t know what an automatic watch was. I then bought a few and sold a few. Modified a Vostok, and now a Seiko 5. This mod isn’t new to anyone here, but thought I’d still share my pics.

Here we have the stock dialName:  C2BD9D5A-F6EB-475C-99F7-9971D3EACA27_1522613406247.jpeg
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Now disassembled
Name:  58B86FB5-2201-4670-AB8C-D13A3F76F154_1522613484796.jpeg
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Dial and hands removed
Name:  4BF8A730-7041-421F-9788-3DBB44DD0040_1522613516808.jpeg
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Now new Dagaz dial and stock hands (I scratched stock hour and minute hands a bit with hand puller, live and learn - Make sure puller is below all the hands ;)
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All back together
Name:  A7EED1F9-ACB3-44D6-AB0B-B45EB305343D_1522613631419.jpeg
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Dagaz Case Back as well (I don’t feel the seiko movement was that pretty to show off).
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On a black nato for now, but I think an Uncle Seiko Tropic should be ordered.
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Love this watch and love the domed hardlex. Thanks Dagaz! And if anyone knows how to buy original hands for this please let me know.