New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

Thread: New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

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    New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

    I hope this is the correct forum to post this in. I did my first DIY mod to my Seiko SKX007 yesterday, and while it looks great, I'm worried about whether I messed up or not. I had a real hard time getting the bezel back on the watch, which is an aftermarket coin edge bezel, and it takes a good amount of force to turn it. While it definitely isn't going to move on accident, I do use the bezel from time to time. Is this a clear indication that I messed something up, or just how it goes with aftermarket parts? I'm extremely happy with the look of the bezel, but I wished it moved as smoothly as the original. Thanks for the help!

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    Re: New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

    Who did you buy the bezel from? I just recently purchased a coin edge bezel for my skx from crystaltimes and I cannot get this thing to go on! I'm curious if yours came from there if maybe they got a bad batch

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    Re: New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

    So, what kind of coin edge bezel was it?

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    Re: New SKX aftermarket bezel very hard to turn

    I have purchased 2 coin edge bezels from Crystaltimes, for an SKX and Turtle, they both go on VERY hard and are very hard to turn, if they turn at all. I'm not sure if this is a machining defunk or what but it's a shame. I'm not a diver so I don't use the bezel all the time, but I do use it as a timer here and there.
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