NH35 Stem issue

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    NH35 Stem issue

    I was working on my watch and am now unable to get the stem/crown back in right. The case and crown are screw-down.
    It will go in perfectly fine into the movement without the case. However, if I try to reassemble the crown with the movement in the case, it won't seat all the way in unless I actually screw the crown in. So now, If I have to unscrew the crown for whatever reason, why I start screwing it back in, the time changes, then the date, then it winds a bit, before it finally locks in.

    I was doing some research and got a lot of hits related to the keyless works. However, I am not sure if this would be the case if the stem seats and the movement works properly outside of the case.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: NH35 Stem issue

    Okay so I think I've confirmed the movement is fine. Swapped in another NH36 and same issue. And the same movement works fine in another case. I think its got to do with how the movement sits in the case or maybe the crown clutch/spring. Ive played with the spacer and and no luck

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