Howdy Folks,
Any 7aXX chrono fans here? I just picked up a 7a34 to refurbish (the 'ugly duckling' of Seiko's), the movements I can find resources for repair and parts but very little about the cases. I was able to easily replace the crystal on my 7a28 because it's a gasket and pressed in, but this 7a34 looks like a glued in crystal? Low dome? Any advice for replacing this crystal? Can anyone confirm it's a 28.5mm x 1.4 mm crystal? or know a resource for researching cases and crystals? I'm a big fan of the vintage Seiko quartz chrono's. Also I was thinking about doing some modding, can these be modded with any diver rotating bezels? Thanks for any input and advice.

Seiko 7a34-7019
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