Hi all - I recently acquired a Seiko quartz chronograph using the rare 7T22 caliber. I say rare because a Google search only revealed a few relevant hits, as opposed to 1000s if I searched for its younger brother 7T32.
Seiko & Citizen Forum: Anyone know of the Seiko R Quartz Chrono

Problem is, the beauty's chronograph function does not work right: the minute sub-dial has a starting position at 9 minute and the central second hand starts all over the place except at 0. My limited Google-fu turned up an old watchmaker's manual (bottom picture) that shows similar AC reset procedure as that of the 7T32. I tried it to no avail - though keep it mind I'm a novice to tinkering with quartz chronograph movement.

So I have a couple of questions for the experts here. Any responses or feedback would be much appreciated:

1. Is there anything else I could try?
2. I noticed that the battery never sits flush; for example, in the photo below, the north half pokes a bit upwards. Is it possible that the battery installed - SR920SW - is not the right type?

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