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    Seiko 7T52-6A30 - Issue

    Hi guys,

    I'm thinking to buy this Seiko watch that has the following issues:
    1. Chronograph seconds hand is resetting on the wrong place;
    2. The small hands (top and bottom) are not moving when chronograph is active.

    Video showing the issue:

    Do you have any idea on what could be the problem and how expensive will be to fix it?

    My purchase decision depends on that. Thank you in advance! Cheers!

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    Re: Seiko 7T52-6A30 - Issue

    I took a quick look at the technical manual...

    Read through the reset procedure on top of page 10. See if this is all the watch needs.

    However, you should think of this watch as a mechanical watch with extra complications plus a battery operated circuit board. It may just need a new battery; but it could need full service (i.e. overhaul). Any watchmaker competent enough to take apart this movement would likely charge hundreds of dollars.
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