Seiko Mod project "Brolium" - Need help and suggest

Thread: Seiko Mod project "Brolium" - Need help and suggest

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    Seiko Mod project "Brolium" - Need help and suggest

    Hello everyone,
    I am writing to you for help in my first modding experience.

    I would like to make a custom diver and I thought that a Seiko could be an ideal base.

    Here is a simple draft I made, absolutely work in progress:

    First of all I ask for your support in choosing the right model as a starting point.

    I would like it to have these characteristics:

    - Dimensions from 37mm to 40mm;
    - Crown at 3 o'clock;
    - Day of the month and week;
    - No chapter ring.

    I thought that a model with all these features could be the SKX023.

    An alternative could be the SKX031 or SNZF29, but the problem is the tilted chapter ring, typical of Seiko, that I don't like.

    So I have two possibility:

    1) Use a SKX023 (difficult to find);

    2) Use a SKX031 ore SNZF29, but I will need to replace the chapter ring with a non tilted one, like this:

    This could be perfect, but it is for SKX013, that has the problem of the f o'clock crown.

    So the first question is about the size of the chapter ring: is the same in SKX013 and SKX031 (or SNZF29)?
    Or it has a different size?

    My secondo questione is about the dial.

    I will try to make a customized dial, but the main problem is to know the exact size of it.

    How can I know the exact size in order to draw a new one?

    For the moment I stop, after solving these initial questions we will talk about:

    - NH36 movement (with crown replacement, if necessary);
    - Replacement of hands;
    - Replace strap;
    - Sapphire crystal (maybe doomed);
    - Sandblasted case (maybe);
    - Transparent case back (maybe).

    Thanks for your support!
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