Seiko Seahorse 2451/6601-7010 balance assembly?

Thread: Seiko Seahorse 2451/6601-7010 balance assembly?

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    Seiko Seahorse 2451/6601-7010 balance assembly?

    Dear all,

    I'm repairing a rusty Seahorse that belonged to my grandfather. I've freed the mechanism and given it all a good clean and removed any meaningful rust. The hairspring's snapped near the stud and the stud screw is rusted solid. I looked into getting a new balance assembly, but Cousins (UK) says they're obsolete (part 310.660). I understand this movement had many variants, so is it at all possible to get an alternative balance that will work? Or is it time to delve into De Carle and make my own repairs? An approach doomed to failure, I warrant...!

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    I'm currently trying to repair my dad's 6106-8030, the M88 Sealion he bought in 1969 in Vietnam. So it's a priceless watch to me, just like I'm sure yours is. I've had to buy two 6106 watches off of eBay, both listed as needed repairs, in order to get a balance wheel and hair spring that works. I didn't even look for a new one, just assumed that they were unavailable. Probably should look for new one first but the 2 that I purchased also provided me with other parts that were better than what was in original 6106 I'm repairing. Hope this helped some! Good luck with your grandfather's watch!

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