Seiko Skx007 7s26 movement damage???

Thread: Seiko Skx007 7s26 movement damage???

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    Seiko Skx007 7s26 movement damage???

    Hey all I'm new to working on watches and I have begun to mod my SKX007. I went right into it and changed bezel, crystal and also dove deeper and did a dial and hands swap. Now I followed YouTube tutorials and threads I've read to help me along to this point.

    So where I am stuck is I completed everything. Had some issues doing the hands and wouldn't be telling the truth if i didn't say I may have messed them up and or hurt the movement. Since doing the hands and dial and reassembling crown etc into case. The hands will rotate properly as well as cycle through day and date. However second hand doesn't move if crown is in the "in" position and essentially the watch doesn't work. If I pull the crown out and start setting the hour and minute hands the second hand starts moving but only while I'm scrolling with the hour/min hand. If I put crown back in it stops...did I kill this movement or is there something I am not doing after this type of overhaul?

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    Re: Seiko Skx007 7s26 movement damage???

    I did some more troubleshooting this weekend and found when i removed the second hand, the watch works again...What could be causing this? Did i install the second hand incorrectly by pushing it down to hard? Could i have damage the mechanism that sweeps the second hand when I used my plunger push to tap the second hand down? I have been wearing my SKX since yesterday with no second hand installed and it has been keeping time and hour/minute hands sweeping fine no issue. Any help is appreciated!

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