Seiko Urchin SNZF17 -- Installed New Second Hand -- Freezes Occasionally

Thread: Seiko Urchin SNZF17 -- Installed New Second Hand -- Freezes Occasionally

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    Seiko Urchin SNZF17 -- Installed New Second Hand -- Freezes Occasionally

    I install my first mod today -- a new red second hand on my Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF17. I watched a youtube video, followed directions carefully and it went on fine and I felt very good about my first mod. Everything was ticking along just fine and the watch was keeping time. Then I noticed the second hand stopped and froze at the 10 O'Clock position and then watch was behind on time by 15 minutes. I shook the watch and it started back up again. I thought it must be power reserve issue, but an hour or so later, the second hand stopped on the 10 position again. It behaves like it's getting stuck there...

    Any tips on how to fix this issue? Thanks!

    The photo below shows the new second hand while it was working.

    EDIT: Update -- second hand is now freezing at ~1-2 o'clock posiitions and not only at 10 o'clock position. The ticking is normal until it passes 12 o'clock and when it approaches 1 o'clock it does not "tick" a second and instead runs through 3-4 seconds in one motion before freezing. I have to whack the size of the case the second hand advances but still won't tick until it clears 4 o'clock and then it ticks again like normal until it returns to ~1-2 o'clock.
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    Is it because the second hand is not lined up parallel to the other hands, so it brushes against them when it moves and get stuck?

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