Skx033 bezel broken - help!

Thread: Skx033 bezel broken - help!

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    Skx033 bezel broken - help!

    I grabbed a skx033 off Kijiji in apparently “mint” condition. It arrived with the bezel off the watch. When I tried to push it back on, it clocked in place but then easily comes off with a light tug. The bezel has a gasket installed but who knows how old it is. It also does not have a click spring.

    Could any one here walk me through hot to fix this and what parts I need?

    Many thanks...


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    Re: Skx033 bezel broken - help!

    Not good news if it arrived this way....

    I don't have this watch, so I did a quick search online and was expecting to see the same construction as the SKX007 with the flat circular spring, but both and list a "clickball" (part # 8995.3899) for the 7S26-0040 (SKX033) bezel.

    Look at the watch to see if there's a click ball on the watch case, like this on a 7002. Don't let it fall out. If you see it:

    - press on the click ball to make sure the spring under it is working; it should feel firm and be able to press it down about 1mm
    - attempt to install the bezel by pressing it straight down. It's best if you have a crystal press. It's not supposed to be easy, but don't force it.

    Let us know if this works. If not, we'll try something else.

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