SKZ211 ATLAS bezel removal help

Thread: SKZ211 ATLAS bezel removal help

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    SKZ211 ATLAS bezel removal help

    I was wondering if anyone here has any tips for getting the bezel off of my Atlas. I have tried everything that I could come up with but still no go. I have taken the bezels off of other Seikos without issue but this one is proving nearly impossible. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: SKZ211 ATLAS bezel removal help

    1 year later, and i am still waiting for someone to post a hint.
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    Rotate the bezel and observe carefully if there is small notch where to insert. It can be very subtle, like on the Sumo, or it may not be there at all.

    Notch or not, leave the bezel precisely positioned so the spring pushes it up a tiny bit. I recommend to work in between lugs at 6H. Then insert a "Seiko type" case knife, preferably the wide blade variety. The blade may need to be sharpened before.

    The force needed may be relevant so be careful to not get injured. Once it's there pry slowly up and down, do not twist.

    There are bezel removal tools that you can buy for not too much money as long they aren't Swiss.

    Note that to refit a tight bezel a good screw-type press is needed.
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