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    SNZH55 movement swap

    My SNZH55 does not hold its charge overnight whereas my SKX will run for at least two days. I’ve had it looked at and they could not find a problem with it.

    So now I am thinking of swapping the movement out with NH35/36. Which one will be better? I only need to date wheel as I have a FFF dial.

    Also, what complications are there with the stem and crown if I do the swap. I had to get a new stem and crown when I upgraded my SKX movement.

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    Re: SNZH55 movement swap

    I think the only difference btween the NH35 & 36 is day wheel
    Seiko Caliber NHxx Variation Differences Watch Movement |

    Most stems can be unscrewed from the crown, might be worth checking that out before you try and buy a new one.

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