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    SNZH57 movement upgrade

    I am about to build an SNZH57 Fifty-Five Fathoms mod using a Dagaz dial. I would however like to upgrade the movement to one that has hacking and manual winding. I recently upgraded my SKX007 by fitting an NH35 movement and using a SARB059 crown.

    What movement can I use for the SNZH57? What do I do about the stem and crown? Any suggestions?

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    Re: SNZH57 movement upgrade

    I am also just learning about modding and Seiko movements, especially SNZH57 which I know can take NH35/NH36 movement and even the 6R15. As far as I gathered, will need aftermarket stem which is different to the non-hackable and non-windable 7S variants in SNZH.

    This thread might be useful to you

    Also crystal time is offering the crown + stem (for SKX007 mod) which is what I am looking at in my research so far. There is an option to order the DIY option (full stem and cut yourself) or Cut and fitted option (for SKX only). Of course I'm looking at the DIY option.
    Also worth checking out the comment in their IG

    From what I gather so far, some suggested to just use the stem that comes with the NH36 which lead me to believe that the stem and crown in SNZH can be separated unlike the one from SKX. I am still early in my research stage so someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    Hope it helps.

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