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    Step Motor Alignment in Pivot

    Has anyone here successfully reinstalled a step motor in both its pivots? I can get all the wheels in fine, but the step motor, since it's magnetic, is always wanting to lean this way or that due to the magnets. I think I get it seated in its lower pivot, but it's beyond me at the moment on how to seat it in the bridge pivot. How did you install yours? Thanks.

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    Re: Step Motor Alignment in Pivot

    Carefully is the answer! Get the lower pivots in place and then gently put the bridge on getting the pivots as lined up as you can. Put in the bridge screws and gently turn them until they just start to give the tiniest hint that they are pulling the bridge down. Using an old oiler and a good loupe gently nudge the pivots while very gently pressing down on the bridge until it drop into place. Longest pivot first then in turn until the smallest, each time tightening the screws just a hair. Once you are satisfied that all the pivots are in place give the screws another bit of a turn then turn over and check the lower pivots again. Once you are happy turn back and recheck the top pivots one last time before tightening the bridge screws properly.

    Source: I have serviced a few 7Ax8 movements. From memory the main bridge has seven pivots to line up!

    Hope this helps.

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