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Thread: LACO Resell value & turnover

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    Re: LACO Resell value & turnover

    Quote Originally Posted by pherble View Post
    In order to quench my Laco thirst, I just purchased a used Aachen for $300 in near new, so near was now based on seeing a good deal. I have a short list of watches to search for on EhBay, in the FS forums, et al, with a firm idea of what a "good deal" is that I'm willing to go for, so I don't get too spontaneous.

    I will look at an Erbstuck in the next year or two unless a great deal comes by.
    This is the exact route I was thinking about taking. Thanks!

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    Re: LACO Resell value & turnover

    My story -
    Bought a Laco Aachen brand new for about $350 USD (including postage). Kept it for about 5 months then decided to sell it (non-hacking was slowly driving me mad).
    I put it up in a Facebook watch Buy Swap Sell group and also on eBay at the same time. I put a $280 USD starting price on the watch for a 7-day auction. There were a surprising amount of bids and at the end I sold it for $382. Subtract $10 for eBay and Paypal fees and with the buyer paying for postage, I actually sold it for a $20 profit.

    This is not indicative, obviously.
    I can say that i have been looking for a second hand Laco Leipzig or Paderborn but they don't come up very often.
    Either the turnover is low or (what I suspect) not many people are buying them in the first place.

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    Re: LACO Resell value & turnover

    Sold mine quite easily. I think once someone is shopping for fliegers, they're bound to include Laco on their list.

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    Re: LACO Resell value & turnover

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinner_666 View Post
    I am seriously considering purchasing a Laco and am a bit surprised at the experiences mentioned here. While I know that most watches take a 25-30% at most, a 40-50% hit on a relatively new watch seems a bit too much. I was leaning towards getting one used anyway but still good to know.

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    25 to 30% loss from the retail price of a new watch is very very optimistic. Too optimistic. My experience is that except for a few very hot brands and models, expect about 40% off of what you paid, not the retail price. With some brands, like Bremont, you will be selling at more than a 50% loss off of retail, because only the daft purchase a new Bremont without a decent AD discount.

    LACO isn't a hot brand, but used mechanical Fliegers are very much in demand. But if you do your research on WUS, you'll see that used Swiss mechanical LACO fliegers in the 39mm to 42mm sweetspot are selling for around $700, which is about 60% of the retail price.
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