Hi all

Speculative posting

I have collected fountain pens for 20years - but the passion has gone & I am looking to move my whole collection - not to be cherry picked
Approx 180 pens (vintage 1920's-1960's, mainly 40's-50's) All cleaned but most unserviced (un-sacced)

Pens include some rarities like 1930's Pelikan Toledo T111, Conway Stewart No1 Duro Woodgrain, Onoto Magna7, Waterman Red Ripple no7 set in tooled leather box, Jade Parker Duofold set in tooled leather box) No dross - mainly UK & some USA - Parkers, Waterman, Sheaffer, Conways

Collectors will recognise this is a serious collection - worth what someone will pay - but i'm loathe to sell in auction due to fees & risk; I dont have time/passion to photo & sell on the bay - I prefer face to face

If you're interested PM me for more info

My main hobby now is watches so open to offers of a trade

Prefer UK deal