11 piece limited edition: Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Sapphire

Thread: 11 piece limited edition: Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Sapphire

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    11 piece limited edition: Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Sapphire

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    Before you get too excited and call up Pierre De Roche to slap down the best part of $100,000 on this undoubtedly fine watch, you should know that it was launched last year, displayed at Baselworld earlier this year and there are only 11 pieces available. Getting hold of one might prove a challenge, but with the right watch procurer, anything is possible.

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    In 2009, Pierre DeRoche introduced what they claim to be a world first with the launch of the TNT Royal Retro and its six retrograde seconds mechanisms. This watch made a significant impact. The brand now presents a model with seven visible sapphire bridges. The entirely transparent movement reveals the originality of its spectacular complication.

    The association of sapphire and titanium, two extremely hard materials, gives a whole new expression to the TNT Royal Retro Sapphire. The design is refined, flowing and crystal-clear, while at the same time sleek, masculine and sporty. The TNT Royal Retro Sapphire is an 11-piece limited edition.

    About Pierre DeRoche

    Pierre DeRoche is a relatively new Swiss watch brand from a man whose family has been an important part of the Swiss watch industry for over 110 years. Pierre Dubois hails from the highly respected Dubois Dépraz family. The firm is a complications manufacturer of extremely high quality, working with some of the best brand names in the business.

    Dubois lives in the family house, near his two brothers. “It is great to have Dubois Dépraz as my main supplier for movements for the long term,” Dubois says. “I am not a watchmaker. I think differently than the people in the watch industry. All my family thinks about technique, I focus on what people are expecting on the market.”

    His goal is to present watches with complications in the middle range, and combinations of complications.

    “I wanted something fresh. I am not interested in simple watches and in ultimate complications. After seven years, I feel we have the widest range of middle complications. Our most complicated watch is one with six complications combined – the GrandCliff annual calendar power reserve.” Pierre Dubois, CEO, Pierre DeRoche

    Pierre DeRoche watches range in price from CHF 10,000 – CHF 45,000. The newest collection is the TNT. “We make around 250 watches a year,” Dubois says. “We are working mainly in Russia, which is a stable market. Our number two market was Spain, which is close to bankruptcy now. Our third market is Japan, and we started in the US in July of last year.”


    • Hours, Minutes, Retrograde second, Date

    • Round
    • Titanium
    • Black PVD
    • 47.50mm

    • Sapphire

    • 2012

    • Self Winding/Automatic
    • Manufactured
    • Swiss Made

    • Deployment Buckle
    • Pink gold

    • Alligator

    Visit the Pierre DeRoche website

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    Re: 11 piece limited edition: Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Sapphire

    I'm looking at that one and I can't stop thinking, LEGO.

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