another useless watch ranking 2020
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Thread: another useless watch ranking 2020

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    another useless watch ranking 2020

    after looking at some rankings floating around the web, I thought we need to update the rankings a bit. These rankings are my subjective opinions. EDIT *They are based on bread and butter models as well as public perception. EDIT * I got more replies than I expected lol. Here, let me add some more. Oh and btw, I took out independent brands. Lets stick to the big houses. BTW, if your argument is compelling, I will change the rankings lol.

    version 1.1

    -Tier 1-
    Patek, AP, Lange (the new holy trinity)

    -Tier 1.5-
    Breguet, VC (OMG, VC is 1.5!!! Yes, VC has not done anything remotely interesting in the last few decades. Deserves a downgrade. Wants to play in T2 as evident from their gorgeous but questionable fifty six line)

    -Tier 2-

    Blancpain, Glashutte Original, Jaegar LeCoultre, Rolex, Hublot, Piaget, Ulysse Nardin, Jaquet Droz, Harry Winston (gasp!!! Rolex??? rubbing shoulders with the big boys? Oh, yes. Rolex has proven itself over time that great marketing can overcome anything. To my dismay, Hublot is inexorably in there due to their MSRP.)

    -Tier 2.5-


    -Tier 3-
    Omega, Zenith, Panerai, IWC, Grand Seiko, Franck Muller, Bvlgari (what!!! IWC is grouped with these losers??? Yes, IWC is no longer interesting. It doesn't hold value well either. On the contrary, Omega deserved this upgrade from Tier 3.5. *IWC did make a new in house movement for their portugieser so they may get a rank bump back to tier 2 next year, bvlgari got a bump from 3.5 as well due to their new Octo Finnisimo)

    -Tier 3.5-
    Breitling, Tudor, Chronoswiss (Tudor got a nice bump from tier 4. thanks to Rolex's popularity, it's now friends with Breitling. Chronoswiss really tumbled down over the years. Their new regulator models are really nice but I am still skeptical about the brand's future.)

    -Tier 4-
    Tag, B&M, B&R, ML (Tag...a watch that people buy when they realize that Omegas, Tudors and Breitlings are much more expensive than anticipated)

    -Tier 4.5-
    Hermes, Longiness

    -Tier 5-
    Hamilton, Movado and etc...(don't really care about them much...)

    Care to disagree?
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    Disagree with the notion that you can have half a tier – a brand is in either the upper tier or the lower one.
    Vacheron have more than proven their merit, more so than Audemars, who make nearly twice as many pieces, so that puts VC firmly in T1 and still a trinity brand.
    Both AP and Patek have been resting on their laurels in spectacular fashion.
    Breguet is down the pecking order even in T2, and Rolex is still (always will be) a T3. Remove their cachet and residual value, and many people wouldn’t bother with them whatsoever. Another brand with 50 variants of the same thing!

    Can’t be bothered to pigeonhole the rest of the brands apart from putting Bvlgari into T3, along with JLC, Piaget (where they really belong), and Girard Perregaux.
    That’s not to say some models from those brands don’t sit in a higher Tier but, objectively speaking, such a subjective list is based on the more commonly produced/bread and butter models.
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    The problem I have with lists like these - beyond mere subjectivity - is that it's difficult to place a brand that is capable of doing truly high end pieces, but not as their bread and butter.

    You might not think of Zenith as a high end brand, but go to their site and check out their bespoke Academy pieces. Same with IWC. Even Omega has done high-end pieces. Blancpain does some amazing carved dials at their high end and created a Chinese calendar complication, IIRC. Seiko also includes Grand Seiko and Credor. So where do you slot these brands?

    Also...the "Trinity" has always been short for, "the Trinity of Swiss watchmakers." No matter how much you may believe ALS blows AP, VC, or even PP out of the water, it cannot be in the Trinity by virtue of being German. Just saying.

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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    Quite a few missing in tier one from my perspective, Roger Smith, F P Journe both have to be there surely, and Hublot?? In with BP and JLC, really??

    Just goes to show that my list, your list, and everyone else’s list will be completely different.

    So confine lists such as this to a piece of A4 that you draw up at home when you are bored because all your holidays just got cancelled.
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    Emphasis on useless... :)
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    In my tiny sample world:
    1. FP Journe , VC and AP
    2. Omega , Rolex , JLC, Breguet
    3. Hamilton, Panerai,
    4. Hublot
    5. Tag

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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    Please define all the criteria you used in a consistent manner with each brand to create the ranking... then I'll tell you whether or not you got it right!
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    Breguet, VC, and Credor are at least as interesting as AP if not more so horologically imo. It's mind-boggling to me that the OP thinks VC hasn't done much recently. VC produced the best entry level hand-wound movement among the holy trinity in the last decade, introduced new heritage lines that seem to be successful, and built the most complicated watch ever made (57260).

    Rolex can stay with Omega and friends.

    But in general, specific models are a more useful thing to rank than brands, especially when a brand covers a broad spectrum.
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    People take these lists way too seriously. "This brand should be here, and this brand should be there." "Look at what this brand is doing/has done, so it should be here." Personally, I don't buy into that BS and just have fun reading others' rankings. No needless overanalysis required—at least none required for me.
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    Re: another useless watch ranking 2020

    High end watches create high end brands, but high end brands do not always create high end watches, capisce?

    Two of these are mid tier brands doing high end watches. One is a high end brand doing a mid tier watch. See if you can spot which one.

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