Brand with best moon phase complication?
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Thread: Brand with best moon phase complication?

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    Brand with best moon phase complication?

    Opinions/thoughts? I'm leaning toward JLC and Lange...

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    In my opinion-- Lange... Of course depends a bit on the model as well.

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    Let's see some pics and examples!

    Visually, some brands have moons with stern or grumpy faces, which I am not a fan of. Then there are some alternative-looking moonphases from Hermes, Moser, or even Rolex. It would be good to see what people find to be the best moon phase (could be less about visuals and more about the accuracy etc).

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    I like the Renaissance faces in moonphases. I think it makes the complication even more regal.

    Always thought Chronoswiss had exceptionally pretty moonphases. Breguet would be another notable mention.

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    Lange + JLC. The DuoMetre with moonphase is insane.

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    De Bethune. Perfectly understated.

    Name:  de-bethune-db28-moon-phase-black-edition.jpg
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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    Best How? Looks, accuracy, or movement?

    I am actually in the market for one. Here are some of my favorites in the 10-20K range. Breguet and JLC seem to make some of the "best" in this range. The JLC Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar is a steal at its' prices (use, grey, or new), and has by far the most impressive movement of the bunch I am interested in. But I am leaning going over budget and getting the new Rolex Cellini moon phase.

    GO gets an honorable mention, and I may just get the Pano-matic-lunar.

    Name:  JLC_Master-Ultra_thin-moon-grey-2.jpg
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    Name:  breguet_image.2989733.jpg
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    Name:  download.jpg
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    Name:  maxresdefault (1).jpg
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    Name:  s-l1600 (3).jpg
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    Name:  2018-12-03-rolex-cellini-moonphase-2.jpg
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    The one that I really liked was by junghans. It’s a triple calendar moonphase. The color starts as a deep purple but as the light changes the color also changes to grey then black. I got to wear this one and hold it for a while it was super cool.
    Name:  E5EF6EDB-67F5-4444-81F7-943D62A876C1_1577078721500.jpeg
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    The Christopher ward c9 looks cool too. The texture on the moon looks incredable Name:  0D3CF2DB-DC6F-4115-94F1-9A368CDFC294_1577078804802.jpeg
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Size:  530.5 KBName:  53C8D290-8B26-4539-BF10-9FB3415C11D2_1577078826202.jpeg
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    Ball has some cool moonphases too where the moons are all tritium gas tubes. I don’t have any pictures of that.

    I really do like that purple junghans though.
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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

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    Re: Brand with best moon phase complication?

    Frederique Constant FC-715 lineup has really good looking model. I've been eyeing on some models. The only thing with this particular brand is depreciation. Buying used might help to deal with this...Name:  Frederique_Constant_Manufacture_Classic_Moonphase_FC-715V4H4_1-copy1.jpg
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Size:  113.0 KBName:  Frederique_Constant_Manufacture_Classic_Moonphase_FC-715V4H4_3-copy.jpg
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Size:  97.9 KBName:  fc_715mc4h41.jpg
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