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    High end watches at Touch of Modern

    Years ago; and before I had much education I bought a ~4K watch from Touchofmodern.com. Everything was as described and perfect. Now that I have a little more discriminating taste and knowledge I've been casually browsing. The watch I bought before was a Maurice Lacroix Master in 18K rose gold. The List was 20K but the sale price was 3.9K all in. It was reasonable for an 18K watch but I don't know I'd buy it again regardless the deal. They do have watches ranging from low end bat also up to 6 figure crazy things.

    Has anyone purchased any high end watches from Touch of Modern?

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    No but I have supplied them with products when I owned a high end apparel brand. They were great to deal with and sold far more product for us than expected. Didn't hear complaints from customers that had purchased through them either.

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    Re: High end watches at Touch of Modern

    I bought an H Moser from them. It took about 3 weeks for delivery but they said that up front. It was in perfect physical condition as advertised. It did need a service and they would have done it with their own watchmaker but I sent it to Moser because of the modular escapement. Even though I did that without talking to T of M they still worked with me on the cost. They didn’t cover it all but I was very happy. Yes, I’d do it again.

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    Re: High end watches at Touch of Modern

    I bought a Rolex for them a few years ago. They even took a coupon on it, that made the price below market. Delivery time was long, and teh watch did stop after about 10 months. It took about 5 calls to get service, but they did take the watch in, serviced it and returned it to me under warranty.

    It was not a bad experience, but it would not be my first choice of seller due to the wait time.
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