Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions
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Thread: Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions

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    Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions

    Really love the classic look of the 5196J and am obsessed with yellow gold.

    1. Does this model have a waitlist or is that generally for the Patek sports models?
    2. What kind of discount, % wise, should I generally get on this? I don't know this AD at all...
    3. This piece gets a bit of hate online, what are good alternatives in a similar price range? (Don't plan to buy anything else but am curious)

    Thank you and have a great weekend!

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    Re: Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions

    This reply is just my opinion. My two cents.

    1. Older models don't have a wait-list. I was able to find quite a few examples online.
    2. I wouldn't buy from an AD if you don't care about warranty. The mark-up's just too insane for my liking. You could get substantial savings buying pre-owned or online. I plan to get my Patek online one day.
    3. Don't care what others think. You'll be wearing the watch. I prefer the older Date-just vesus the "hot" submariners for example. It's really up to preference. You might consider the 2448 or the 3919J for starters.
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    This model should be fairly easy to get online at a 15% discount or a little more if you go grey market. Not sure about what you would get if you were physically going to a boutique or an AD.

    Don’t worry about what people say online, buying a watch is a personal thing. However if you want to look at other options for the same price/quality, Vacheron Constantin, A Lange and Sohne and FP Journe have amazing alternatives, all fantastic in their own way. Hodinkee did a comparison (3 on 3) a little while ago:

    The Calatrava for me has an older design and the movement is very small for the case, so I would personally favor those 3 other options.

    All the best,
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    Re: Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions

    Just curious, whats the hate that this piece get? It's a pretty standard vanilla Calatrava.

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    Re: Patek Calatrava 5196J - few questions

    Quote Originally Posted by seansong93 View Post
    Just curious, whats the hate that this piece get? It's a pretty standard vanilla Calatrava.
    A lot of people consider the 5196 the best calatrava. I know that my 5196P has absolutely rocketed in value since I bought it in 2015.

    The said the platinum version does have a different dial setting and more prominent sub dial than the J or G versions - so maybe it gets less hate (not that I have seen the hate you seem to have experienced?)

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