Anniversary clock with complications?

Thread: Anniversary clock with complications?

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    Anniversary clock with complications?

    I'm wondering, does anyone make an hand wound anniversary clock with some of the complications that you would expect to see on a complicated wristwatch, like Day, Date, Month, and Moon Phase? I know that most of them have chimes, but what about the other stuff?

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    Re: Anniversary clock with complications?

    Usually an "anniversary clock" is one that is wound on an anniversary or
    every 400 days. There is not a lot of energy stored in the main spring.
    The movement must be efficient to keep time for one wind per year.
    So, I would expect no second hand, no day, no date, and no chimes.
    A moon phase should not add much extra drag. You may find a moon
    phase movement in a 400-day clock.

    Of course if you add a battery, much more is achievable.


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    Re: Anniversary clock with complications?

    I can think of one. The 1950's Kaiser Universe clock had a rotating moon at the top. The unique design featured a rotary pendulum decorated as earth and a dial decorated with zodiac signs. Yes the low power really limits the number of things that can be driven. Reminds me that I really need to get mine running...
    Here's a discussion with pictures from the NAWCC.

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    Re: Anniversary clock with complications?

    The complication is getting them to run for 400 days. I'm still working on it.
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