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    Noisy Metamec

    Bought a Metamec mains powered mantle clock, and it's been running happily for several months. However its developed an irritating ticking sound, that is similar to a mechanical watch, only louder. I found that if I tilt the clock, it goes away for a while, but it seems to return. Anyone have a thoughts on what this might be?

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    Re: Noisy Metamec

    I am not familiar with the brand, but since you are asking for
    speculation I will take a guess.

    You describe the sound as a "ticking", which suggests the
    second hand is not hitting something.

    I think relatively modern electric motor powered clocks
    come in roughly two types. One type has a sealed motor
    unit with a built in gear reduction. If your clock has that
    type of motor module the noise source might be inside
    the module, and difficult to fix except by replacing the

    The other type typically uses an open frame motor.
    If something has fallen or crawled into the works it
    might cause a periodic noise. Otherwise if a bearing
    has worn too much something spinning might have
    moved out of position and hit something fixed.

    I suggest the next step is to look inside to see how
    your clock was made.


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