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    Wall clock movement

    So I got this clock for next to nothing...but of course i opened it and obviously know why. Everything seems like it's there they just removed the strike train for an only time movement. So I need hands and after a thorough craving l cleaning she should be up and running. Anyone know what movement this is so i can find hands and fix her up? I have a key that works with it but it looks as though the minute post is not long enough or something. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Wall clock movement

    I wonder if that is a clock made for Howard Miller? That basic design was very popular and several names are common. I've not seen a clock made with a 2 train movement modified by removing the strike train. Possible I suppose. The dial has 2 winding holes so it would use a 2 train. Are there any markings on the movement?

    edit: My mistake. The dial has only one winding hole.
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