[Problem] With my new watch

Thread: [Problem] With my new watch

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    [Problem] With my new watch

    So I purchased the following Automatic mechanical watch while i was on vacation in Canada about a month ago.


    Collection: Townsman

    Movement Type: Mechanical Automatic

    Case Size: 44mm

    Strap Material: Leather

    Water Resistant: 5 ATM

    I don't know whether i wasn't paying enough attention or maybe I was but it seemed like the watch stayed exactly on time and I didn't even notice the deviations , however , Right now it seems like my watch is acting crazy..
    If i set it to rest it seems like it runs pretty okay and theres not much of a deviation , although it always runs a little faster than the usual time , as for a few dozens of seconds faster for a night (practically 8 hours off my wrist).
    Thing is.. When I do wear it , it tends to go crazy sometimes I don't even know why.. I can wear it sometimes for just a few hours like 4 or so and it'd deviate in around 3-5 minutes which is pretty bad.. I have no idea what could the problem be.. And It has just now visited warranty check , they said there was a professional 20 years of experience watch maker and he had monitored it for 24 hours and it worked completely fine...
    Is it something that has to do with the way I wear it? maybe cause it's inside of my wrist except outside? I 'm really clueless right now and I wish I had someone to help me out and see why this watch behaves this way...
    Also is there a chance that the watch is just like that? I mean it cant be that the watch is designed to have such a huge deviation in such little time cause that's just absurd.. who'd sell such a thing..

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    Re: [Problem] With my new watch

    Not normal.
    Are you exposing it to any magnetic fields? Heavy machines? Large electric motors?

    Not all watchmakers are created equally. It may have been placed on the watchmakers bench after winding. He saw no time keeping problems like you did while not wearing it.
    Did you explain the situation clearly to the warranty service center?(problem occurs while wearing)
    Curious about the warranty service-did you have to mail it to fossil?

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    Re: [Problem] With my new watch

    No I didn't take it to Fossil they have an official retailer and warranty lab next to my hometown (Europe) So I just put it there and that's all. And No not really I don't really work at any sort of a factory or anything of that sort.

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    Re: [Problem] With my new watch

    Duplicate post. Thread closed.
    Kind regards

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