TW Steel Celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. With ’10 Years of Big Time’ as the theme for its anniversary year, TW Steel will be rolling out its celebrations around the world and incorporating its message into all of its brand platforms – including its role as an ‘Official Sponsor’ of the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team which includes World Champion’s Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenz.

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The revised and reinvigorated collection, featuring 45mm and 50mm case sizes, simply takes the Canteen style to another level having been the very platform on which ‘The Watch in Steel’ has been built since its founding in Amsterdam in 2005 with a four-model offering.

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A major feature introduced for the new-look collection is the presentation of each design in a 3-Hand, Chrono and Automatic movement edition. This wider variety in movement ensures there is an execution to meet all tastes with TW Steel going down new roads to introduce this strategy.

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All models utilize a high precision movement. For a more sporty look, the new Canteen leather strap editions feature a big caliber chrono movement with two chrono eyes with a sapphire layer on the crystals.

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Another notable highlight is the use of vintage leather for the straps on the new Canteen models, something which also differentiates it substantially from existing Canteen models. With a more antique and aged look, they stand out while the thicker leather also comes with an appealing bold stitching.

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Additional features for the leather strap editions come in the form of subtle yet equally distinguished design elements. Each 3-Hand version features a brushed steel case and bezel while the Chrono versions sport a brushed steel case along with a hammered steel bezel. The Automatic editions also have a brushed steel case and hammered bezel along with an elegant steel piece situated on the leather strap by the casing.

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The expanded bracelet offerings in the restyled Canteen Collection are a major attraction. Of particular distinction are the new 2-tone timepieces being introduced, very much on-trend with current tastes but equally timeless in their overall look.

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The new steel bracelet introductions are presented in a wide variety of looks including brushed steel, PVD rose gold plating and PVD yellow gold plating – and in the case of the 2-tone editions, a combination of the steel and PVD plated offerings.

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As with the leather strap editions, each Canteen bracelet model is distinctive with the 3-Hand executions incorporating a shiny bezel with shiny mid-pieces on the bracelet. The Chrono editions sport a tachymeter on the bezel while showcasing a brushed steel bracelet. Finally, the Automatic timepieces have a hammered bezel and hammered mid-pieces on the bracelet for a matching look.