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    Brooks Brothers Swiss Watches

    Hi Folks,

    I have searched the forums (but may have missed) for information on who makes Brooks Brothers Swiss watches. I read somewhere on a post that the Swiss group made Brooks sign a non-disclosure or something similar so no information would be available, but wondering if there is under the radar info on who it might be?

    And since we're on the topic, does anyone think the Brooks/Seiko collaboration is going to last? Any possibility that a Grand Seiko/Brooks might come out? (I see there are 6500K Brooks watches out there, which leads me to believe they're willing to slap a price tag on anything, albeit for mostly profit obviously).

    Thanks -

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    Re: Brooks Brothers Swiss Watches

    With an accuracy as mentioned

    -- Accuracy :Average daily rate: +45 to -35 sec or +25 to -15 sec --

    I'd skip.
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