Is this burberry watch genuine?

Thread: Is this burberry watch genuine?

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    Is this burberry watch genuine?

    Hi I was given this burberry watch by my relative. It comes with a nice authentic looking box, with warranty card and instruction manual. My relative bought it online, I did not question her much though for fear that she would think I am doubting her. However I would just like to check.

    The watch feels heavy, like its made of solid stainless steel and it looks like stainless steel, not some plastic crap
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    However I read on some websites that the back should have a 'stainless steel'marking engraved in it, mine does not.

    Can anyone give me some info as to weather this is real or not?

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    Re: Is this burberry watch genuine?

    Looks real to me. I have a Burberry BU 1860 which I know to be authentic and it doesn't have "Stainless Steel" engraved on the case back even though it is quite obvious that the case is made of stainless.

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