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    Re: Calvin Klein demands respect.

    When I first decided to go back to wearing watches I popped into a Macy's and picked this up. I wanted something easy to read and comfortable to wear. I was seriously considering a Movada because I really liked the bracelet, but I just couldn't get down with not having hour markers. I still wear it on occasion, especially when I want a slimmer watch. I kinda hate battery operated quartz watches now; especially if they have a second hand because they very commonly don't line up to the indexes. There's nothing more annoying than wanting to wear a watch and you can't because the battery is dead. There's many quartz mid-tier watches don't use standard batteries such as the solar ones. I did buy a Citizen Solar, and what I found is it is even more annoying than a quartz, because if I don't wear the watch for about a month, it will still die. I live in a cold state so I'm very commonly wearing long sleeves so the thing is perpetually dead. I even thought storing it in a watch box that had a window top would help, but it doesn't get enough light apparently, unless I store it right next to the window. What else does it want? Water? I thought I bought a watch, but from its needs there's no separating it from a plant! I don't even have plants.

    So this and one other Bulova dress watch are the only quartz watches I've purchased, and I do generally prefer this one. But I noticed a week ago when I wanted to wear it, that effing quartz problem reared it's ugly head again. The battery stopped working apparently. Making it even more annoying, is that apparently I don't know how to get the caseback off it to see if I can replace the battery myself. It doesn't have the notches for a wrench, doesn't have any screws, and doesn't seem to have a notch for a caseback I have to schlep into some place and pay the extreme markup they want for a battery replacement. The last time I did this, it cost $30 for a watch battery that sells for $3.

    At least I like how it looks and it's comfortable.

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    Re: Calvin Klein demands respect.

    Old thread I know, but I just got a Calvin Kline, and I think it's a fairly decent watch. I never would have bought one except I wanted a light blue dial, and there are not that many out there. I really wanted a Halios Seaforth, but trying to buy one of those is ridiculous. Not to mention the price people are asking for one. Or a Seiko Cocktail Time, but then again, the price was more than I wanted to pay.
    After browsing for a watch that I liked the looks of, and that had a light blue dial ( great for the summer ),and that cost under $80.00, I came across this Calvin Klein Men's Quartz Watch K5A3114X. Thought I would take a chance and see if I would like it.
    I have to say, I really can't find much to not like about it. The dial is just what I was after, and it does look like a classic dress watch. The 41mm case is just the perfect size for my wrist, it has a 50 meter water resistance which isn't bad, and the bracelet is remarkably well made. The only critique I have is that the bracelet uses pins and collar which makes it really a pain in the ass to resize, but I got it done in about 30 min.
    Overall, I am really satisfied with this so far. Like I said, I normally would never have though about buying a Calvin Kline QUARTZ watch, but for a fashion watch, it isn't bad.

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