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    So I've been purchasing cheap Chinese mechanicals and non-working vintage mechanicals like mad. Every few days I get one in the mail. Been wearing the ones that work and tinkering on those which do not.

    My six year old Daughter, Kate has taken notice of my watch endeavors and showed interest. "Daddy, I would like to wear a watch if you have one for me", she said. All that selfishness, and not a single model for my darling Daughter. So we sat one night on eBay and looked through affordable quarts options for her. We found a Geneva Platinum with three non-functioning sub-dials and a quartz movement for $1.25 shipped.

    The thing comes in the mail today. For $1.25 it's cute! So I realize the sub-dials don't really work, which is probably better, and to be expected. I set the time and start it, and it starts ticking fine.

    After a few moments of looking at it, I realize it's ticking faster than once a second. In fact, it seems to be four times a second! As a mechanical lover, I'm somewhat pleased that my Daughter's new $1.25 watch has a semi-sweeping second hand. :)

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    Re: Daughter's Watch

    Hopefully she will really enjoy it! And next time she might get something closer to the $10 barrier!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ar.Parask View Post
    she might get something closer to the $10 barrier!!
    Yeah, we will see. I'm sure it won't be the last.

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    Re: Daughter's Watch

    thats cool for a start for the lil girl

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    Re: Daughter's Watch

    well done!

    My 12 yo normally hates the wrist watch but when she heard that my Swatch Index 24HR was limited edition her ears perked and then before I said she asked her mum and cut the long story short she's now proudly wearing Swatch Index 24HR every time she goes out. T^T

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    Re: Daughter's Watch

    Not bad for the price

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