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    Fake or real Emporio Armai

    Hi guys just joined here, iv'e recently discovered the beauty of watches and have bought a couple of really nice ones on ebay, however my most recent appears to be fake.

    It's an Emporio Armani watch with a black leather strap, however it has no serial number.On the back it has the model number of T-109. Am I right in assuming that its fake?

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    Re: Fake or real Emporio Armai

    Moved to Fashion & Designer watches.

    I doubt I can help, but pictures would certainly be of use to those who can
    Brad (@bradwatch)
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    Re: Fake or real Emporio Armai

    Not all EA watches have a serial number.
    Take it to an authorized dealer to find out if it's real or [email protected]
    Kind regards

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