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    Fossil chronograph

    I bought a Fossil Decker CH2573 chronograph on ebay and just received it yesterday. Out of the box it was running slow and the second hand was hanging, so I replaced the battery. It now keeps good time, but the chronograph doesn't seem to operate properly. The small seconds hand stops and starts with the button press as it should. The 1/10 second hand starts with the button press and stops after 10 seconds or so. After that the hand stops at half second intervals when the stopwatch is started. I also can't find any combination of button presses and crown position that will reset the chrono hands to zero.

    Am I missing something or is this just a bad movement?

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    Re: Fossil chronograph

    Have you tried to recalibrate the chronograph?
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    Re: Fossil chronograph

    I will suggest to try harder to find the reset setting on the crown and button combo. Are you sure you checked all?

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