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    Question Fossil FS4428 Crown

    Greetings, this is my first post and first thread here on this forum. Some months ago I bought an used Fossil FS4428, and the other day while looking at the other similar models I own (I loved that model so much that I decided to buy it in all the other colors: FS4357, FS4358, FS4359, etc), I noticed that my FS4428's crown was smaller than the other ones. The first thing that came to my mind, considering that it was an used watch and it showed a lot of signs of wear caused by the previous owner (it has a reasonable number of scratches on the links and on its face), is that at some point the original crown could have fallen off from the watch, and probably the previous owner replaced it with another one.

    I searched pictures of the FS4428 on the internet and the crown that appears is a bigger one, same as the one on the other similar models I own, but I came through an image of a FS4428 on an expired ebay auction and I noticed on the pictures that the watch has the same small crown as mine.

    After seeing the pictures of that ebay auction, I am starting to doubt about a possible replacement by the previous owner and to think it could be that the first watches of that model came out with that small crown and at some point it was modified and the latter models that were put for sale had it. To make things easier, I'll post pictures of the one I saw on the ebay auction with the same small crown of the one I own, and pictures where the FS4428 has the same big crown that my other similar models have.

    Right now, I got the opportunity to buy an FS4428 in a much better condition than mine and that one has the same crown as the other models I own, but after seeing the pictures on that ebay auction I spoke about earlier, I am now hesitating to buy it again, and since you are all experienced watch connoiseurs, I would like someone here to answer my small question about the FS4428 crown.

    This is the model I saw on ebay, it has the same small crown as mine (I apologize if the pictures are too big for the screen):

    Name:  s-l1600 (5).jpg
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    And these are the ones that have the big crown:

    Name:  m_5836af51c6c795c6c8025a44.jpg
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    Re: Fossil FS4428 Crown

    You need to ask Fossil CS I am afraid or, which might be a bit easier, ask the pre-owner of yours.
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    Re: Fossil FS4428 Crown

    As long as your watch is a genuine Fossil (which it is most undoubtedly is), then the crown size is curious, but ultimately not a concern.

    It's possible (seems the case) that Fossil updated that style at some point with a different crown. It's also extremely plausible that the watch ended up in Fossil's Metro Service Center, where little care is given to such originality, and the crown and stem mechanism were simply replaced with what was shown as "correct" for that reference, which at that point might have been the new bigger crown.

    I've sent stopped quartz watches to them where they simply replaced the entire movement, different date wheel color and all.

    Considering that these are not Vacherons or JLCs or anything, and that the crown size difference does not particularly offend you, and the watches work and keep good time, I'd leave it at that and wear them with enjoyment.

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