Fossil watch slowing randomly

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    Fossil watch slowing randomly

    Have had my fossil titanium watch now for about 12 years and recently after the last battery switch my watch has been slowing down randomly and is behind maybe 30minutes when it does slow down. I originally thought it was a weak new battery so changed it out to a brand name battery and it still does it. If i wind it back up to the right time, its fine but will lose another 30minutes some random time in the future. THis hasnt happened before the latest battery changes. Did i damage the movement when swapping batteries?

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    Re: Fossil watch slowing randomly

    Sounds like it is time to either take it to a watch repair shop (not just a battery change place) for a service......or time to replace it.

    Or you could identify the movement that is in it and try to replace it yourself. You could probably find a replacement movement fairly affordable.
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