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    Gift for friend

    Watches are always in trend , I want to gift my Friend one, with that I want to gift him another accessory like bracelets. So suggest me what kind of watch and accessory I should go for.

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    Re: Gift for friend

    Have no experience with bracelets or worn with a watch for that matter. What's the price range?

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    Re: Gift for friend

    if you can, go for a ceramic strap.. I was recently given a watch, an Android which, by all means is not a high-end watch..

    what I like about it is the feel.. it's very light as well. other pluses are not having to deal with a wet leather band in the summer and I don't have the expand/contraction problem I do with metal bands.

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    Re: Gift for friend

    I'd suggest getting a sense of their style first, your budget second and then executing the purchase.

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    Re: Gift for friend

    What an odd thread.

    OP asks for suggestions with no criteria whatsoever apart from "watch".

    One guy admits to having no experience but posts anyway, there's an odd suggestion of a ceramic bracelet over metal because apparently metal expansion and contraction is a problem (I've never heard of metal bracelets expanding/contracting), another reply from someone with 1 post looks suspiciously like someone is promoting their jewellery website, while someone else helpfully suggests executing a purchase.

    I'm very interested to see where this goes. Subscribed!
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