Gucci 8600 "G-Metro" Chronograph. Thoughts? Reviews?

Thread: Gucci 8600 "G-Metro" Chronograph. Thoughts? Reviews?

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    Gucci 8600 "G-Metro" Chronograph. Thoughts? Reviews?

    A friend of mine recently asked me about this watch, I was about to dismiss it as an overpriced fashion watch but after some research I'm intrigued by it myself. Looks wise it's interesting, and although quartz it seems to be much better than the usual fare... if google is correct it runs a ETA 251.471 quartz chronograph movement with 23 jewels, "Variation of ETA Normflatline Chronograph 251.474 XB PowerDrive with slightly different pusher functions" according to watchbase - not a cheap quartz movement, around $90 to replace if I read correct. I figured it's too high quality to be made by fossil, looks like it's made by Kering group which has some very respectable names under their belt.

    MSRP is almost $1500 which is absurd, but my friend can get it for around $800 CAD. I still wouldn't pay that much for it, but right now I'm just trying to find reviews and opinions, seems it's not a very popular model.

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    Re: Gucci 8600 "G-Metro" Chronograph. Thoughts? Reviews?

    It very nice ETA. Keeps good time and long battery life. 1500$ CAD is not absurd for this type of chronograph (you can get TAG for more with lesser movement). But if it sapphire and all other goodies for proposed price (if you getting real watch) it is really good quartz chronograph.
    not much to review. Looks fit and finish only review. 90$ for this type of movement seem low. Especially in Canada.
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    Re: Gucci 8600 "G-Metro" Chronograph. Thoughts? Reviews?

    If your friend likes it, that‘s all what matters.
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