Mr. Fuzzypix strikes, again!

Thread: Mr. Fuzzypix strikes, again!

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    Laughing Mr. Fuzzypix strikes, again!

    This happens from time to time. I get a seller with less-than-focused pix and the watch is crap in focus. They go back usually no argument after I call them out with properly focused/lit pix.
    Today's occurrence comes with a twist. The seller has accused ME of having an example of this watch and trying to send it to HIM for refund (after I offered to keep the watch he sent for 1/3 off the price)(Which was a gift, considering). This is a guy I had a good transaction with back in April. That's why I trusted him with the fuzzy photos. This is described as no scratches, barely used, and running. It turned out to be none of the above, plus filthy. I cleaned the face for the pix. He also claims to have "evidence to disprove my claim". Ooooh!
    Take a look at the listing after seeing the pix I took this Morning. Dare to compare:
    Nixon Rotolog Men's Watch Rare Modicon Design with Box Model. only 1000 Made | eBay
    Thank you, I'm flattered, but, please don't click any "Likes" for me (unless there's a prize for "most likes")?

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    Re: Mr. Fuzzypix strikes, again!

    If it's ebay, there's no contest. File an item "not as described" claim and get it over with

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