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    My story about a great fashion watch

    I am a watch lover since I was a kid. I had/have so many watches Iíve lost count. And Iím also pretty unbiased, more than most of my watch enthusiast friends. I have everything from quartz, mechanical, vintage, super affordable to expensive watches, swiss, german, japanese, chinese, and I wear and love them all, and keep buying all kind of them.

    However, I generally avoided fashion brand watches, because they always seemed a poor value proposition. I only own/ed two fashion watches. I have nothing agains the brands not being watchmakers, to be honest I donít care one bit whatís writtet on the dial, but seeing and handling them in shops, or through friends and family who has them, they almost always made me say ,,thatís a poor buy, for the same money you could get a much better watch,,

    The first one I owned confirmed my beliefs about them. It was a Hilfinger watch, which I saw in a shop window and it look great. Out of impulse I bought it, but it was a dissapointment. A $220 watch that appeared great, but in reality it was poorly built. After closer inspection and ownership, the leather strap was the lowest grade quality Iíve seen (although it looked good from far away), the dial was made out of paper (really), subdials would not work most of the time, the glass was scratchable so easy like I havenít seen before, and eventually the Epson movement in it just died by itself after a few years of mostly sitting in a box, alwayshaving a good quality battery in it. That was a $20 watch in my opinion, selling from 10 times as much. Silly me, I liked the design and I was deunk, what can I say :)

    And the story about a fashion brand watch that was nothing like any other Iíve seen until that point, in my next post. Stay tuned.

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    Re: My story about a great fashion watch

    And now, the main character.

    It was the year 2014. I was in a watch shop looking at watches, and as usual went to skip the fashion brands windows display, but something caught my eyes there. It was a Hugo Boss watch that just looked fantastic. Really it looked so good I couldn’t take my eyes of it. I pull out my phone and searched for the model specifications. On the internet, it didn’t look so special, and the specifications seemed typical low end: Epson quartz chronograph, mineral crystal, faux leather croc embossed, stainles steel, 5ATM WR. The price was $300 after discount, which immediately striked me as expensive for such a watch, and funny because the initial price was even higher.

    Still captured by the hook of its looks, I asked the girl from the store to take it out and let me handle it. I was sure I would be dissapointed on closer inspection like usual with these type of watches. I was wrong. Actually, dead wrong. This watch felt premium, it felt great built, amazingly it felt on par with my $1300 Hamilton Jazzmaster I was wearing at that time. I couldn’t believe it. So I bought it.

    Fast forward to today. Although I prefer mechanical watches, and never bought another fashion brand since, this watch is still one of my favorites form my collection. It is one of my most weared pieces, and I still love it like the day I first saw it. It always gets compliments from normal people, more than many other watches I have, and also gets slammed by watch enthusiast for being what it is, but I just don’t care.

    Let’s break the experience down.

    The leather strap is actual leather and is very good quality. It lasted without damage all these years, and feels on par with the quality of my Hamilton leather straps, actually a bit better than more expensive Longiness. Is that good.

    The mineral crystal is a mistery to me. It is by far the best I seen. I will have it tested soon because as much as I weared this watch, I banged it quite a few times on doors and walls, and after 4,5 years there is not even a single scratch on it. It acts exactly like my sapphire watches, and nothing like any of my other mineral glass watches.

    The steel case is hardened. It has a few minor scratces, definitely much less than other watches I own in that price bracket. Easily on par with mid-range watches in proven quality.

    The movement is Epson and while I had a few of these die on me, this didn’t and it looks more serious and better build than those, probably it is a higher grade. It is also more accurate than most of my quartz watches I had.

    The finishes on this watch are great, the dial is perfectly executed, nothing looks ,,cheap,, every little detail is premium level. In doesn’t feel out of place while wearing in high end places.

    In the end, this watch worthed every dollar I paid for it. It’s a beatifully made premium quartz watch and by now it stood the test of time.

    The big question is, do I ever felt like I could get a better watch for those $300 ? The answer is absolutely NOT. Equally better, yes, probably, but this watch can easily stand besides other watches at its price from renowned brands, while even beating quite a few of them on value.

    Here it is below, Hugo Boss model 1512882 but believe me, pictures don’t do it justice

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