Oakley Detonator movement replacement

Thread: Oakley Detonator movement replacement

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    Oakley Detonator movement replacement

    My Detonator movement is borked and currently sitting with Oakley. It works if you bang it.... Now they've offered me 40% off retail on a new one but I'd rather replace the movement but as I'm a noob I don't know what with. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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    Research leads me to believe it's a seiko 1/5 chrono alarm with date at 4 o'clock. I just need to know what to buy.

    Edit: more research leads me to miyota chrono, but I cant find a 3 dial vertical chrono with date between 4/5
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    Re: Oakley Detonator movement replacement

    See if a local watchmaker can get you a replacement movement and swap it out
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