Original Grain? Waste of $$? Collectible??

Thread: Original Grain? Waste of $$? Collectible??

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    Original Grain? Waste of $$? Collectible??

    My Facebook feed featured an ad from Original Grain for a limited edition run of Red Sox World Champion watches using pieces of an original wooden seat from the ballpark. The watch looked attractive enough, but the cost was high (imo) for a basic Japanese Quartz watch ($599). Now I understand that it is a limited run, and it features the Red Sox, but I'm looking on here and I see some older Yankee watches that were (supposedly) bought at $1200 now selling for $600 or something crazy. Any insight? Thoughts?
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    Re: Original Grain? Waste of $$? Collectible??

    I almost bought one of these because I thought they were very interesting. I ended up not though when I figured out that the wood pieces were basically just glued on. I thought the links and case were solid hardwood or something of the sort, in which I would've gone forward just because it's different.

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    Re: Original Grain? Waste of $$? Collectible??

    Like anything it's kind of what you find value in. Can't say I blame anybody for skipping it though I love mine.

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