These two unusual looking watches turned up this week, I want them for my collection and need some advice as being a noob not sure on things still :)

The Oskar-Emil Houston pic'd below is a super super heavy watch, I mean it is like a very solid weight on your wrist and I thought the slab of aluminium Infantry Globemaster was heavy but this is much heavier and solid links, a very pleasing "turbine" bezel and a big chunk of steel screwed to the bezel and case to protect the crown.

The only thing wrong with it, is the crystal is winkered, I did email O-E for help in identifying this watch crystal size and haven't heard back from 'em, if anyone has worked on one of these I would appreciate some advice on what crystal to buy etc and how to measure plus any operating instructions out there as the bottom sub dial maintains seconds all the time, the bottom button zero's the main central second hand to twelve and the top button activates it with the bottom button resetting it to 12 etc.

The second watch is a very pleasing looking but dead rose gold Klaus-Kobec Entrepreneur, it has what appears to be a Ronda 5 jewel 705 movement in but looking on ebay and elsewhere the 705 movements on there a) have like a bumper thing around it and b) are not jewelled but seem to have the pressings in the metal for where the jewels would have been. Its further complicated with the date at the 6 position but I guess I can change the date wheel from the old to the new if I source one unless these Ronda's are actually repairable can someone advise me on whether these different looking Ronda's will actually work and will the lack of jewels be an issue?

I put the K-K onto my watch tester to see if there was a quartz pulse but nothing, I gave it a good half hour on the pulse thingy that winds the movement round and still nothing so I am guessing there is an issue with the circuit board or wires to quartz?

Thanks in advance :)

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