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Thread: Smudge on dial

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    Smudge on dial

    Bought recently a Michael Kors 'Lexington' Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 38mm and already had to go back to the store and change it for a new one the next day since, I only noticed when I got home, that the bracelet was all scratched!
    Used it only once, cleaned it when got home and I had put it back in it's case. To my surprise, when I was going to use it again today, I noticed that in the dial, right above the "IIII",there was a smudge! I thought that it was the glass that was dirty but no, it is inside the watch and looks like a fingerprint smudge! I only noticed now because I was under a very bright ligh and it requires the watch to be in a certain angle to see it.
    Should I go back to the store and complain once again?
    I know it is considered as a not expensive watch to a lot of people but to me it was and I am really disaponted because I have another Mk watch that I've been using everyday for 3 years now and it never gave me a problem! It is still working and I never had to bring it to the store to fix anything!

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    Re: Smudge on dial

    It doesn't matter how much you paid for it you bought a watch not a finger so take it back.

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    Re: Smudge on dial

    yea take it back, you shouldn't have to put up with a fingerprint in your watch.

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    Re: Smudge on dial

    Take it back but do yourself a favor and inspect it carefully before you leave with it this time.
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    Re: Smudge on dial

    Yes, take it back, you shouldn't be second-guessing yourself. No, it's not a high-end watch, but it's expensive enough that you shouldn't have to put up with such noticeable imperfections. If Timex and Casio can get it right for extremely low costs, there's no excuse for Michael Kors, who tend to charge substantially more. Every brand lets an imperfection slip through the cracks every once in a while, but I don't know that I would be able to keep supporting a brand after getting 2 duds in a row like that.
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    Re: Smudge on dial

    Take it back while it's still fresh, you don't have to accept it :)

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    Re: Smudge on dial

    As has been said, go back. They should make it right
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