Hamilton Ventura.

Richard Arbib. Hudson Hornett.


Hans Hilfiker. He developed the concept of the fitted kitchen and was responsible for the standard Swiss dimensions for kitchen components (55/60/90 cm).

Lip Mach 2000.

Roger Tallon. TGV.


Dieter Rams, Braun MPZ 22 citromatic.

Porsche Design Timepiece Nr. 1.

F.A. Porsche. 911.

Fortis IQ.

Rolf Sachs. Lamp.

Movado Museum.

Nathan Horwitt, Beta chair.


Max Bill, table and chairs.

Fossil Analogique.

Philippe Stark. Juicy Salif.

Alba Riki (Seiko).

Riki Watanabe. Table.


Marc Newson. Leica M.


Frank Gehry. Wiggle chair.

Seiko Giugiaro.

Giorgetto Giugiaro. DeLorean DMC12.

Longines Heritage Weems Second Setting.

Phillip Van Horn Weems. Weems Plotter

Jacob Jensen Classic 510.

Jacob Jensen. Bang&Olufsen Beogram 4000.

Alessi Momento.

Aldo Rossi. Alessi "La Conica" coffee maker.