Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?
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Thread: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

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    Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Browsing Amazon, I see lots of "fashion" brands going for decent dough. Brands like Versace, Gucci, Nixon, Calvin Klein et al going for up to $1000! Are there any of these that actually have proper movements and that are worth the money?

    Asking since I don't yet know enough to differentiate between solid movements vs cheap-and-nasty-but-lookitmahname

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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    It would really depend on the particular model of watch. The WUS deals thread had a few Versaces posted recently that had ETA movements and were a good value at the heavily discounted prices they were being offered for (assuming you like the style).

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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Are there any fashion brands worth looking at? Certainly.

    Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Chanel... but of the ones you mentioned I don't know of any that are worth the money. Most of those are made by Fossil -

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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Burberry are Swiss Made with sapphire crystals. CK are owned by the Swatch Group, Swiss Made and in the past year or two have started putting sapphire into some models. Gucci are also Swiss Made and sapphire. On the affordable end of fashion brands, I'd see these as a cut above Boss or Armani - mostly all quartz of course. I actually like some of the CK designs and owned a couple when I was younger.

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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Ralph Lauren sports really impressive movements.
    As does Hermes and Chopard.
    Of course some people view Cartier as a fashion house, but their horology is top notch.
    Bvlgari Octo watches are badass.
    Tiffany watches span a wide range from simple quartz to some really impressive mechanicals.
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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Hermes, at least, is a serious watch company. They do include movements from Vaucher, where they own 25%, and who supplies Parmigiani and others. Lauren varies. The Safari movement is COSC certified, so it's not junk at all. The 39mm Automotive with a gorgeous amboyna burl wood bezel has a movement made by JLC. This is one of the most attractive watches on the market:

    The MSRP is, unfortunately....steep.

    That particular Chanel does have an in-house movement, too.
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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    In my opinion, no. The whole concept of a fashion watch is to charge for the name rather than for anything other than it.


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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Ralph Lauren is making some real strong stuff. If I found this one second hand I'd be on it.

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    Tiffanys is putting out high high quality over priced goods as normal. This one is a mere $20k

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    I have two Armanis and they are nothing horologicslly to speak of but they aren't nice cheap quartzes. I picked them up real cheap though.
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    Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    Ralph Lauren (as said before)
    Mont Blanc
    I'm personally kinda partial to "Starck"
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    Laughing Re: Are there any "fashion" brands worth looking at?

    The 'purist wannabes' are going to have chest pains over this thread.
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