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    U-Boat Chimera


    I am a U-Boat Chimera 7177 Carbonio owner. Normally I find U-Boat watches to be too big especially the 53mm.

    However my Chimera is 48mm and I find it to be almost the perfect size "large" watch for me.

    It's one of my favorite watches in that it's totally unique looking, extremely light since it's titanium, and the strap is extremely soft leather. Overall it's one of my favorite watches that I wear almost daily.

    Any other Chimera owners out there?

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    Re: U-Boat Chimera

    You might have better luck trying in the public forum. I previously owned the U-Boat 'Thousands of Feet' and enjoyed it and felt it was a great watch, I just found it too large as my interests changed.
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