In their original form and shape one-handed clocks and watches are shadow-rods as found in sundials, which have already been mentioned from the fourth century BC. In a one-handed timepiece the reading on gauges is applied as done with measuring instruments, because the display of time is reduced to the essential, i.e. to time itself.

GNOMONIK EDITION has got a very fine subdivision between the quarterly sections of its face. This makes it possible to read the time exact to the minute. Its face is covered in burnt ceramic gloss paint. Only thus can the desired china pattern, which additionally underlines the plainness and elegance of this extraordinary watch, be obtained.

By creating the GNOMONIK EDITION production series we have succeeded in connecting both, the historical origin of mechanical time measurement and ultra-modern technology. Its quiet plainness and elegance as well as clear lines make GNOMONIK EDITION an extraordinary watch.

The edition series of No.01 - 05 presents itselfs by an unusual strap Design. Different color complexes, which in connection with the hands, created a peerless symbiosis between the Bauhaus and Art Nouveau.

BASELWORLD 2009 - Halle 5.0 STand V17. 26. March bis 2. April 2009 Infos: